Terms and Conditions

1.1. These regulations defines the principles of providing services electronically Callnow (the "Service"), to individuals, legal persons or other organisations having legal capacity (hereinafter referred to as "Customers") by World Web Development Limited, trading as Callnow, at the registered office Unit 2/3 Kingfisher House, New Mill Road, Orpington, Kent BR5 3QG (10791991)

1.2 It is a requirement that before the Customer uses the Service, the following Terms and Conditions are read and accepted it in its entirety. At the time of acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, it shall be determined as a contract, between the Provider and the Customer, for the provision of services Callnow electronically.

1.3 The Callnow service is being provided in five variants, indicated in the price list at the https://www.callnow.chat/pricing, with fact that Callnow Service in the ENTERPRISE variant, is being provided according to individual arrangements between the Service provider and the Client under a written Regulations and these Regulations do not apply to it.


2.1. The service is to provide the Customer via www.calldrive.io - Individually generated java script, which is used in the website code. Resulting in the addition the Callnow plugin, for users of the Customer website to request a telephone call back.- Automatic connection between the Customer, to a specified telephone number and, the phone number specified by the website user.- Availability of a database of Customer calls made to the aforesaid,- The ability to record and store conversations between the Customer and web users which are connected to,- Tools to manage database connections and database records.

2.2. Calls included, automatic connection and recorded conversations depend on the Callnow package purchased, referred to at www.calldrive.io/pricing. At the same, it will be determined the length of the subscription services; rolling monthly or annual.

2.3. To use the services, the Customer is obliged to open an account at www.calldrive.io. Access to the account allows the Customer to register their individual password and login (user name). During the registration process, Customers are required to provide a contact name, name or business name, business address and at least NIP or code, and if it has, also KRS.

2.4. The Provider reserves the right to refuse a client account at any time and, as deemed necessary.

2.5. Every Customer has the right to use the "Free Trial”, which is the test version made available to Customers as 7 days for free.

2.6. As part of the Free Trial, Customers can take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the Service. The Customer may at any time to start using the paid service. Every Customer can benefit from a Free Trial once.

2.7. Your use of the Service, at any time, can be extended beyond the initial subscription period.

2.8. The Provider shall inform the Customer via e-mail, SMS and telephone about ending the subscription period, as well as provide information to confirm the fee to renew your subscription.

2.9 The Provider declares that it provides the Service, using the application Callnow, which is in the cloud of Amazon and it’s protected in accordance with all telecommunications standards. Both the application and any data stored in it are protected by 256-bit SSL A + grade.

Technical Requirements

3.1 To use the Service, Customers must have an active e-mail account, must also have a device that allows access to the Internet, and the equipment in a program that allows viewing of its resources. It is also necessary to accept the policy of "cookies" and JavaScript enabled.

3.2 The Provider makes every effort to allow the Customer to use the service in all web browsers, in particular Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome.

Rights and Responsibilities

Since the creation of the account and to accept the Terms and Conditions, the Customer:-

- Is obliged to act in accordance with the principles deriving from the provisions of the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions
- Confirms that the data entered into the registration form are consistent with the actual facts and the law. Is also committed to update the data immediately after any changes undertaken to comply with the rules and regulations concerning, in particular, the benefits of electronic services and the protection of personal data

- Agrees to receive messages from the Provider to the addresses, e-mail address and telephone numbers provided during registration, on all difficulties, changes or technical breaks to the use of the Service,

- Maintains the confidentiality of individual data which enables the Customer access to their online account,

- Agrees to receive VAT invoices electronically, to the e-mail address provided during registration.


5.1. The Customer is obliged to make payment of fees for the use of the Service within the time specified by the Provider, according to the due date indicated on the invoice. The fee depends on the package of Services chosen by the Customer.

5.2. The Customer can use the packages: Startup, Grow, Business Pro, Enterprise. The current price list and packages of services are also available in the "Prices" at: www.calldrive.io/prices

5.3. The Provider reserves the right to make changes in the price list at any time. They are preceded by the publication of an updated price list at: www.calldrive.io

5.4. Fees can be paid using a bank transfer, credit card, debit card, as well as other payment orders made using a payment institution or an electronic money institution operating in accordance with the Act of 19 August 2011 about Payment Services.

5.5. Payment of Services are non-refundable, except in cases prescribed by law.5.6. Invoice for the Service is issued within 7 days from the day of receipt of payment. Before receiving the payment service provider may issue a pro forma invoice.

Prohibited Practices

6.1. Violation of the rules generally applicable Polish law, the provisions of the Regulations and Privacy Policy, and also not observing the rules of social conduct and decency in the use of services is illegal and can lead to termination of the Service Provider contract for the provision of services with immediate effect and delete Customer accounts. It is both culpable violations and resulting from the negligence or failure to observe due diligence.

6.2. The Customer may not violate any rights of third parties, in particular copyrights, industrial property rights or personal goods that can be harmful to the Service Provider. This can lead to termination of the Service Provider contract for the provision of services with immediate effect and delete Customer accounts. It is both culpable violations and resulting from the negligence or failure to observe due diligence.

6.3. The service provider does not control or monitor the activities Client when using the Service. However, when it comes to suspicions or information about running the Client illegal practices, the Service Provider reserves the right to block all or part of the Services at its discretion. If the violations were significant or repeated, the Service Provider may terminate the agreement for the provision of services with immediate effect and remove Customer Account


7.1. The responsibility for all information, data, audio files and other materials and songs that are transmitted through the Service rests with the Customer. This responsibility also applies to content which links to the websites and other services which the Customer uses.

7.2. The Provider does not claim any rights with respect to content and accepts that the rights and titles for the content is the responsibility of the Customer.

7.3. It is agreed that the Provider has presented its name, business name or logo in marketing materials, particularly in developed case studies (ie. A case study).

7.4. The Customer has the right to use the resources made available by the Provider, only in order to use the Service in accordance with its intended purpose.

7.5. At a time when a Customer sends or makes available, in any way, content belonging to third parties is obligated, regardless of the obligations arising from the following Regulations to the terms of service, conditions of license or regulations laid down by these entities.

Customer Services and Complaints

8.1. The Customer can contact the Provider via email or by telephone, between the hours of 9h to 17h from Monday to Friday.

8.2. The Customer wishing to make a complaint, should indicate in the application the name on account and a detailed description of the defect in service.

8.3. The complaint will be dealt with by the Provider within 7 working days of its submission. Except that in the case of inaccurate description of the fault, the Provider may request clarification of the complaint, and then the above mentioned period runs from the date of full and precise filing of the complaint.

8.4. As part of the complaint being recognised, the Provider may pay part of the fee in proportion to the time at which use of the Service impossible.

8.5. Reimbursement may also mean a reduction of fees due in the coming months.

Elimination of Account / Termination

9.1. The Customer may, at any time, cancel the Service with 1 months’ notice. However, previous monthly payments made, in part or full, are non-refundable.

9.2. In order to cancel the Service, the Customer must register with the Provider in writing. The Provide will accept at least 1 months’ notice and produce a final invoice.

9.3. At the time of cancellation, the contract is terminated. The Provider allows the Customer to restart the same account within 30 days from the date of cancellation. Restoration of Customer Accounts is to pay an appropriate amount for the subsequent subscription period specified by the Provider in time.

9.4. The Provider reserves the right to refuse to restore the Customer Account.

9.5. The Provider has the right to terminate the Customer Agreement at any time, without specifying reasons and without any period of notice. In this case the right to the Service shall expire immediately and Service Provider Customer draws an amount proportional to the number of days remaining subscription period.

9.6. The Provider reserves the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect, blocking services partially or entirely and to refuse to provide the Services to the Customer in the future, if the Customer has deliberately violated any of the provisions in these Terms and Conditions.

9.7. At the time when the agreement will be terminated, regardless of the reasons and procedures for its termination, (except as indicated in 9.5.) The Customer has the right to demand reimbursement of expenses incurred by him, either in whole or in part.

Privacy and Personal Data

Personal data shall be processed by the Provider according to the principles set out in the Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property

11.1. The Provider owns all rights to intangible assets (in particular copyright works such as software, graphics, button icons, text, images, trademarks, audio clips) that appear on www.calldrive.io or has the rights to use them.

11.2. The Customer has no right to use in any way, all or any portion of any rights to intangible assets songs, trademarks and signs belonging to Callnow, except when their use results from the specific services.Availability

12.1. The Provider reserves the right to change or modify services, especially for updating and modification or replacement of equipment and software used to provide services, provided that it is not going to negatively characterise the provision of services.

12.2. If there is no access to services due to reasons beyond the Provider’s control, such as hardware failures, the Provider where possible, will inform the Customers and strive to rectify a failure as soon as possible. This disruption is not grounds for complaint.

12.3 The Provider reserves the right to restrict access to the Service for maintenance purposes. The Provider shall make every effort to inform the Customer of any technical outages lasting more than one day sufficiently in advance. Necessary technical outages will be scheduled to minimise any inconvenience to the Customer.Responsibility

13.1 The Customer understands that Callnow offers website and services "in a state such as is" (ie. As is), without the occurrence of a guarantee, both implied and explicit.

13.2. The sole responsibility for the use of the Service and websites borne by the Customer. Customer is responsible for any uploaded content and conversations conducted by Callnow

13.3. The service provider is not liable for damages (particularly loss of Customer data) that are caused by:- Random situations, acts of God;- Interference of third parties (including Customers), mainly due to the use of the account by any third party which obtained data enabling login to the account from the Customers or other situations beyond the Provider’s control,- Malfunction of other systems or external factors (such as telecommunication networks), where the defects are independent of the Provider,- Failure to comply with the provisions adopted by the Client Regulations- Faulty or incompatible data the Customer submitted during registration.

13.4. Force majeure referred to an external event, extraordinary, unforeseen event. Examples are, but not limited to, circumstances such as: war, natural disasters, strikes, technical failure, or other damage alleged interference in the functioning of telecommunications networks and ICT infrastructure, as well as the extraordinary governmental and administrative activities, as well as the activities of those affecting the supply of services to the Provider. Activities that are independent from both parties.

13.5. The Provider is not liable for any of the damages (direct or indirect) that result from the loss of files and data stored on the Customer / Provider servers.

13.6. The Provider shall not be liable for any indirect, losses from profits, income, interest and other lost benefits, excluding cases of culpable or grossly negligent act or omission.

13.7. The liability of the Provider, regardless of the number and grounds for claims Customer or third parties, is limited to the total amount paid by the Customer to pay for the Service during one month immediately preceding the date, filing claims against the Service Provider. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Client exempts the Service Provider of incurring financial liability exceeding circled above the limit.


14.1. Terms and Conditions can be changed at any time. The service provider undertakes to notify the Customer of any changes in the Terms and Conditions during the 3 days prior to the introduction of these changes.

14.2. The service provider shall inform the Customer about the changes by posting relevant information and to update the Terms and Conditions appearing in the Customer's Account and on the www.calldrive.io website.

14.3. Against all cases initiated and in progress before making changes in the Regulations, the provisions of the Rules then in force.

14.4. All statements exchanged between the parties during the use of the Service, are transmitted electronically:- In case the service provider listed on the registration form email address- In the case of the Customer - to the address the Customer Service Department.

14.5. The Customer has the possibility to transfer rights and obligations under the contract to the person completing the criteria necessary to conclude an agreement for the provision of services in cases where a provider has agreed to such action. Such consent may be given by e-mail.

14.6. In matters of transients in the Terms and Conditions, applies generally find the existing provisions of Polish law. All kinds of disputes arising between the Client Service Provider will be subject to judicial resolution of the general court locally competent for the seat.

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