Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQs answer many of the common questions we receive from Callnow customers. If you have further questions, please contact us for further information.

Does Callnow need complicated integration with my telephone system?
No, Callnow integrates seamlessly and will work with any existing phone system. Some clients operate the instant callback button across various websites and landing pages, diverting to over 50 agents in multiple location. Or simply set up to divert to one number; landline or mobile. The process is very simple.

How do I set up Callnow?
The Callnow call back plugin is really simple to set up and should only take 10 minutes for most businesses. It can either be added directly in to your website code or through Google Tag Manager. We're always here to help,  so please do not hesitate to get in touch for further assistance.

Can I have more than one Callnow instant callback button on my website?
Yes. You can control the widgets from the Callnow portal and can make them show based on URL rules. Each widget can have its own custom theme too. New widgets will work instantly on your website with no extra code required to be added.

Can I change Callnow settings so that a call back isn't within 15 seconds?
Yes. You only need to edit the text which shows on your pop up to say whatever you like, such as "we'll call you back within 30 minutes" etc. Each call is only connected to a caller if you answer the phone. If the caller sees they will be called back within a time you specify, they won't receive a call on their phone until you actually call them back. All callback information is saved in your online dashboard.

Why does the call back button work so well?
The reason why an instant callback button works so well is because visitors to your website, are in interested in what you sell and want to know more information about a product or just like the old fashioned way of talking to someone to buy something. It's a great way for building trust between customers and your business, knowing that a real person is at the end of the line. A challenge with online commerce is that it can be hard to build that initial trust but, with the call back plugin, customers can request to speak with someone from the business, you have the opportunity to build rapport and complete a sale with a happy customer.

What happens when an agent does not answer the phone when a customer calls?
If a client requests a call but nobody is available to talk, our system displays a message with an apology and offers the option to schedule a call for a different time. This is then displayed in your online dashboard along with any other scheduled call backs.

What happens with calls requested outside of working hours?
Once you have set your office opening hours, anything around that time will offer the customer the option to schedule a call back.; where the customer can choose a suitable date and time. Alternatively if you would prefer not to show a schedule call back button, you can turn the widget off outside of office hours.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Callnow plan anytime?
Yes. We will alert you if your credits are running low so that you can choose if you would like to upgrade, but we do not upgrade our customers automatically.

What is a credit?
Credits are successful calls between your agents and your callers that lasts over 5 seconds, but less than 10 minutes. Each 10 minute period is counted as one credit.

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