Instant callback features

Our instant callback button provides a positive customer experience before and after a sale

Customise the theme of your click-to-call button

Manage your calls in and out of office hours

Real-time reporting and Ad conversion tracking

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Conversion Tracking

Integrate Ads tracking into the Callnow admin area to view the number of interactions through advertising

Simply copy and paste your conversion code into the admin area and your visitors are monitored from the Ad they clicked on to get to your website, to when they used the Callnow instant callback button.

Track your Calls

Reduce your CPA

Measure and Improve

Visitor Engagement within 15 seconds!

Once your website visitor uses the click to call button and enters their number, they receive a free, instant call back within 15 seconds

From the moment that the 'Call Now' button is clicked, an automated call is made to your company agent. The process can be as quick as 15 seconds, but you can amend the plugin to suit your needs. Maybe you can only call back within 15 minutes, or 1 hour - it's up to you..

Reduce Page Abandonment

Capture More Leads

Improve Customer Service

24/7 Call Management

Managing business calls during and outside of working hours is simple! Callnow can be configured to handle calls based on the time of day

Set up schedules so that website visitors can talk to your staff during working hours i.e. 9am to 5pm. And, set out-of-hours calls to either be answered by a dedicated agent / team or allow visitors to schedule a call back for a chosen date / time.

Manage Anytime

Manage Anywhere

Changes are instant

Responsive Design

Perfect for desktop, tablet and mobile. The Callnow call back button is available on all types of device

We ensure that the Callnow click-to-call button is visible to each and every visitor on your website. Increasing interactions with your visitors by up to 75%.

All Devices

All Sizes

Engage with Everyone

Real-Time Dashboard Reporting

Callnow is the ultimate lead generation tool which tags visitors and their interactions on your website

Measure and improve your website using the real-time data available within the Callnow dashboard. Every click, call back and conversion can be analysed with advanced reporting to help you improve ROI.

Real-Time Reporting

Intuitive Search and Filtering

Advanced AI technology

User Journey Log

Track the journey that your website visitor has taken before using the Callnow instant callback button

See which page your visitor first landed on and the pages they visited thereafter. This valuable information will help you handle sales, customer service and support calls in the best way once a visitor clicks the Callnow button.

Identify Lead Source

View User Journey

Understand Best Performing Pages

Customisable Plugin

Callnow can be completely branded in your company style and colours within just a few clicks

The Callnow click-to-call button can easily be adapted to match your company brand. The colour scheme, text and logo can be changed in minutes to help build brand awareness and encourage website visitors to request a call back.

Customise to your Brand

Change the Text on the Plugin

Change the Colours of the Plugin

Suitable for all size of business

From sole traders to blue chips, the Callnow click-to-call button supports customer-centricity for any business website

Provide a positive customer experience before and after a sale with our easy-to-install, instant callback button on your website. Suitable for any size of business or website size; from startups to global organisations. Get started in minutes.

Proven to Maximise Sales

Improves Customer Experience

Engage with More Web Visitors