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Our simple and effective click-to-call button is easy to set-up and install on your website.

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Connect with your web visitor within 15 seconds

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Step One The Code

Once the plugin has been added to your website, an online visitor can click the ‘Call Now’ button

Placing the Callnow instant callback button on your business website is a quick and easy process. The code is available in the management portal, simply copy the code and paste it in, just before the close  tag. You only have to paste it in once, any further updates are fed through automatically.

Example code:-

Step Two The Popup

The Callnow pop-up prompts your site visitor to enter their landline or mobile telephone number

Within seconds, the Callnow icon displays on your website  ‘Receive your FREE callback in less than 15 seconds!’

The website visitor enters their number and clicks 'Call Now'

The system then calls through to your chosen agent or department. Once the call has been answered, the outbound call is then made to the website visitor - within 15 seconds.

Step Three Just 15 Seconds

The Callnow call back button connects your agent with the website visitor within 15 seconds!

From the moment that the 'Call Now' button is clicked, an automated call is made to your company agent. The process can be as quick as 15 seconds, but you can amend the plugin to suit your needs. Maybe you can only call back within 15 minutes, or 1 hour - it's up to you.

The telephone agent is either talking with your website visitor, before they even leave your website, or calling them back at a convenient time.

Step Four Review the Analytics

Callnow provides real-time insight into your website visitors and calls received through Callnow

The online reporting provided by Callnow allows your business to analyse traffic to the website and review incoming calls in real-time. At the point a call is connected to the user's journey, their contact details and recording of the call can be accessed through the online portal.

Callnow ensures that you maintain high quality of customer service and sales support, with the added value of conversion tracking and page engagement for marketing analysis.

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Case Studies

"we have seen a 75% increase in visitor interactions and a 60% increase in web sales. The instant callback button is so simple and it really exceeded our expectations. We wouldn't be without it"
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Key Features

Callnow offers a range of configuration and reporting features which give you
complete control of how the plugin works. Design the instant callback button to match your company brand.
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All Size of Business

From sole traders to global organisations, Callnow is a great tool for any business. Engage with more website visitors with a simple yet effective instant callback button.
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