Inbound Marketing Success with Callnow

Inbound marketing is a powerful strategy for driving steady business growth.

A successful plan will generate a constant stream of qualified leads and opportunities which can’t be achieved by great content alone.

Inbound Marketing Success with Callnow

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a process of attracting, engaging and delighting your potential customers, to win their business. Unlike outbound marketing, you don’t need to compete for your potential customer’s attention. By creating engaging content which specifically addresses the needs of your target customers, you will attract qualified prospects and build credibility for your business. Inbound marketing is composed of four stages – attract, convert, close and delight.


Attract > Convert> Close > Delight


Attract >Resources that will grab your potential customer’s attention, such a relevant blogs or social media post, which links the user back to your website.

Convert > Once a potential customer lands on your website, capture their information and engage with them quickly with Callnow.

Close > Turn your leads into happy customers. Often, this can be a joint marketing and sales effort.

Delight > Continue to engage with customers online via social media, surveys and marketing automation.

The Key to Success

The secret to an effective Inbound Marketing Strategy is a powerful visitor engagement tool on your website, which will help during the most challenging part of inbound marketing – turning website visitors into customers. Businesses that have added the Callnow instant callback button to their website have seen an increase in sales by up to 70%.

As well as an instant engagement tool, Callnow is rich in features that evaluate your visitors’ journey on your website and gives insight that can help you win sales.


Real-Time Reporting: Measure and improve your website using real-time customer data. Every click, call back, and conversions are analysed.


User Journey logs: Track and evaluate the journey of each visitor. See what pages they viewed and where they requested an instant callback. This will help you best handle sales and support call enquiries.


Conversion tracking: Integrate Google Ads tracking with Callnow to see the number of interactions made through your advertising spend.  Measure the real impact of triggered conversions/goals.


Call Recording – Calls, made via the Callnow callback button, are automatically recorded and stored in the system. It is quick and easy to listen back on agent call handling for internal review.


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By Charlotte, March 2019