Why Aren’t you as Efficient as you Could Be?

The old saying goes: ‘Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.’ As a business, it is important to balance both of these things appropriately, and yet, a vast number of businesses are failing. It seems that most businesses are doing the right things, but not in the right way, they aren’t being as efficient as they can, and should be.

The Calldrive plugin helps reduce page abandonment while increasing leads and drastically improving customer service.

Many businesses still rely on long-winded automated phone systems that can take the caller several minutes to navigate through before they finally get through to a human operator. These systems are frustrating to use and anti-consumer. We can do better.

Getting lost in a maze of questions in a phone tree is infuriating, and has often led to people shouting into their phone in a desperate attempt to make the robotic voice at the other end understand.

The one thing that everyone dreads when calling a business is being stuck in a queue. Sometimes it feels inevitable, that after negotiating your way around the automated system, you’ll end up in limbo, not able to get on with the rest of your day for fear of missing the person answering at the other end.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The callback system that Calldrive provides is a leading example of how the future doesn’t have to be held back by the same queues that thousands of people are undoubtedly stuck in at this very moment. A change is necessary.

The best customer service leaves the majority of decision making down to the customer, and the most valuable thing that the customer gives to you is their time. Their time is precious, and by leaving them in a queue, you are wasting it. Every second of on-hold music is another reason why they should go to your competitors instead.

Calldrive allows the customer to schedule a call back at whatever time they choose within your working hours. From your website, using the Calldrive plugin, a customer takes control of their own time by scheduling a call at a time that suits them, allowing them to continue with their day, receiving a call only when there is a person available to speak to them.

The Calldrive plugin helps reduce page abandonment while increasing leads and drastically improving customer service.

Almost overnight, your business can become relentlessly more efficient, and all by putting the customer first and cutting out the antiquated systems of a bygone era.

Customer satisfaction will rise, more leads will be converted and you’ll be leading the charge in the new business call revolution. What are you waiting for?

By Jamie Brown