The Engagement Dilemma. Making Content Relevant

It’s the old saying of 'First impressions are everything’. With a website, this couldn’t be truer.

The main reason why people visit certain sites is that they have a need for something. They want the information immediately, then want to leave soon after, and if they spot anything else that could help them, it benefits the business in question as well as the user.

It’s mainly why Callnow has these splendid blog posts for you to read; because we want you to learn about how and why we operate as we should.

But another factor in this is that it has to be welcoming. If the language comes off as confused, and it doesn’t even make them feel ‘welcoming’ when they’re at the home-page, the user may just enter a phrase into Google once again to get to a better site.

Callnow has these splendid blog posts for you to read

When it comes to gaining and increasing engagement, it usually comes down to four main points:

●    Consistency

●    Relevancy

●    Elegancy

●    Simplicity

These can be crucial in elevating your site into a destination that can attract more users to visit, connect, comment and share it.


This is a point that has to be taken upon across the whole site. Not just the content, but the look and feel of the site to better convey an organised destination. This can be better used as a ‘style guide’, which employees can abide by so that the tone is carried throughout, and so when someone first comes across a page, they’re not confused by a yellow layout with ‘Comic Sans’ as a font, and then a purple layout and ‘Brockwell Bold’ as a font on another page.


Get to the point, and make it relevant. The previous posts we’ve had on this site show that, and it all ties into how Callnow works with its customers.

There are sites that can better help make posts more relevant, such as Google Trends. By typing in ‘traffic’, it shows the most common search queries that involve the word ‘traffic’. This can also help with ‘SEO’, a term that is used across blogs to better share their content to new readers.

But still, the fact remains that a post should still relate to the site, and business, as a whole.


A site needs to catch the eye, regardless of whether it’s displaying a column of blog posts, or if it’s trying to convey a message for a product its selling. But it needs to look attractive for someone to read it. Similar to reading a magazine with rough paper, and then picking up another with smooth pages and bright colours, you can tell the difference in the quality, and you’re probably more likely to read the magazine with the better paper quality.

Even with video and photos, if they’re edited well and have content that can have mass appeal or even viral appeal, it could drive so much more visitors in turn.


Last but not least, yet short and simple. Simplicity applies to the whole site. From the content to the colour scheme and the layout. An organised theme is crucial in attracting more engagement to the site. Two colours, two fonts, two layouts are usually an acceptable figure when browsing a site, as it’s easy on the eye and doesn’t bombard the user.

Engagement is crucial in a website. Social media can be a great part of this, but without the content and appearance of being a high standard, they’ll never come back. If you relate to the user for what they need, especially with our ‘Call Back’ button, it can help drive even more engagement, and make them feel more valuable for their potential business in you, and us.

By Jamie Brown