Is Your Website Inbound Ready?

By the time a prospect lands on your website, the hard work is over, and your inbound marketing effort has worked. But, how do you make sure you engage with your visitors before they leave?

In line with your inbound marketing strategy, your website should have the functionality to turn traffic into sales.

Is Your Website Inbound Ready? Callnow

Here are 3 top tips on how to capture web leads effectively.

1.    Website Structure - Make sure your website is easy to navigate

Less is more. It's best to avoid large and busy webpages, which can make it hard to find the necessary information. Have fewer pages on your site but keep them rich with SEO keywords, optimise internal links and have relevant information that helps customers make a purchase decision.

2.    Content and Design – Keep it simple

Customers expect to learn about the features and benefits of your product or service quickly and easily. Ensure that wording is clear and concise. Without valuable content, your visitors will not stick around for long, and your bounce rate will soar. The site should also be mobile responsive, and the layout should be clean and not dated.

3.    An Obvious Call to Action – Capture leads with Callnow

Once your target audience has landed on your website, you need to interact with them as fast as possible. The Callnow instant callback button prompts your site visitors to enter their landline or mobile telephone number to speak to a salesperson immediately and for free! The customer will be happy with the high standard of customer service, and you will receive your qualified lead.

Start capturing your website leads today with your Callnow 14-day free trial.

By Charlotte, April 2019