Increase Sales for your Business with Callnow

Did you know that one of the most dangerous sounds for any business is the engaged tone?

When customers call your business number they want to have their call answered as quickly and professionally as possible – they do not want to be kept on hold for too long or, even worse, prevented from getting through because lines are busy.

This is where our Callnow solution can help. If your business receives a high volume of website visitors and your business has the capacity to answer many calls immediately, using the Callnow plugin will ensure that your customers always get through and don’t move onto one of your competitors instead.

The benefits of Callnow include:

  • Instant Call Routing - Forward incoming calls to specific numbers or call groups.

  • Customisable Plugin - Style the Callnow call back button to match your company branding.

  • Real-Time Reporting - Every click, call back and conversion can be analysed.

  • Call Recording - Calls made using the Callnow call back service are recorded and stored in the system.

  • Conversion Tracking - Simple analysis of lead response to the call back button.

The impact that Callnow has had on our clients’ websites has been remarkable. Increased interaction with their customers by up to 75% and up to 60% increase in sales. By offering a FREE, INSTANT callback, consumers more likely to call your business there and then, whilst they are still on the website and interested in making a purchase.

How Callnow works:

  1. A visitor to your website will see the Callnow button pop-up on the page,
  2. They click on the button and enter their landline or mobile phone number,
  3. A member of your team is assigned the call automatically, which connects them to the visitor.

All within 15 seconds!*

Although Callnow can be especially beneficial for businesses with an e-commerce website, many types of businesses can take full advantage of the Callnow service. Call centres, customer service teams, recruitment agencies, government offices and various businesses taking high volumes of calls are just some of the alternative clients we work with.

Speak to our team today to find out more about Callnow and try for yourself, FREE for 14 days. Ensure every call is answered in the most professional and efficient manner possible. Try it for yourself and add your number to our pop up in the bottom left corner.

*Out of hours calls offer an option to schedule a callback within open hours.

By Jamie, January 2019

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