Giving some SaaS to your Business

First of all, this won’t be a post about giving shade to someone, rather it’s explaining just how Software as a Service (SaaS) can be a big benefit to you, me, and businesses as a whole.

Software distribution has changed a lot in the last fifteen years. Normally you would walk into the store of your choice, flicker through a library similar to a vinyl collection, and be on your way. Even games on computers are now usually distributed through some online stores such as Steam, Epic Games, and GoG, easily downloading to a user’s hard drive as soon as the release day hits.

Software as a Service (SaaS) has many advantages

But mainly, when it comes to businesses, the SaaS method can really work for those who remote work across the country for example.

First and foremost, the appeal of the method is its straightforwardness. Especially when it’s in a business with many employees and their skills vary on using a computer. They only have to remember their login details, and if they need help, they only need to ask a colleague, as they’re all using the same application and UI in question.

Advantages of SaaS can be:

1. Running this through an application browser can severely reduce the limit of someone accessing the task at hand. Whether if they’re on a Windows, macOS or even Linux machine, they should be able to log-in through a browser.

2. The lack of hardware can result in a low cost for a business to implement it. There would only be the implementation at the start, and regular maintenance checks and updates to make sure it was working for everyone.

3. Many of these apps do also have a way of tracking the users and how often they use certain features. It could encourage better workflows and even reduced steps in taking on a task.

There are many apps that are used in this method, and not just on a PC either. It could be on a smart device, a tablet, a phone, or even a watch.

The examples could be:

Google Apps

Google have had a swing and a hit with their cloud-based applications in the last decade. Many agencies use Google Docs as a way to collaborate on documents to better improve the wording, structure, and punctuation, whether if that's PR releases, game reviews, or even a script to a play.

One only has to send a shareable link, with the option to view or edit, and send it off to those who need to look at it.


This is one you may have come across if you’ve recently been offered a job. With this, you can electronically sign a contract and other documents, and have it sent right back to the receiver in question.

It’s incredibly secure, which has given confidence to the millions of users DocuSign has for their SaaS service.


Having a method of instant-messaging your team in certain groups has proven to really help with getting tasks done in a timely manner. The appeal of Slack has been mainly to do with their ‘Channels’ feature. By creating one, either public or private, you can invite others into this, set the topic at hand, and discuss it at length.

SaaS does offer many advantages to many businesses out there and gives universal accessibility for many users who may not be well-versed in using a computer at all.

By Jamie Brown