Customer Service and the Human Touch

It’s often said that there’s no real replacement for human interaction when it comes to customer service, after all, who else can understand what you need better and in a more efficient way?

But look around you, at the moment, we’re seeing a prevalence of AI and automatic systems for helping with this very issue. There’s already an abundance of chatbots and, of course, here at Calldrive, we encourage uptake of systems that make the customer experience that much better so that enquiries and conversions take place more often than not.

There’s no real replacement for human interaction. Can you justify losing customer loyalty by steering all transactions and customer queries to online?

There’s evidence out there that points to automated systems taking more and more of the customer journey away from call centre staff or teams. The latest development seems to be customers making the journey easier for themselves, with talk of automated systems that can bypass troublesome call centre call trees to make sure speaking to a human agent happens faster than ever before. The fact that stands like are being taken is a concern, but when looked at in detail, makes so much sense.

Really, do any of us ever pick up the phone until the last possible moment? If a call needs to be made, it’s usually when all online help options have been exhausted. Although, those who are elderly or have difficulty navigating the internet or technology will find it much more comforting to talk to someone immediately who they can converse with and explain themselves.

Can you justify losing customer sales and future loyalty by trying to steer all transactions and customer queries to online. The balance needs to be made between good customer service and customer loyalty without it coming down to cost.

We’re living on the precipice of full automation when it comes to this kind of issue. Whether brands and businesses want to go down a route of full automation, with the only interaction being at the last moment, or sticking to the old model of making it easy to call in to a business, customer wants and needs should ultimately be the drivers of change.

By Jamie Brown