A Faster Way to Reach Customers

You might be looking at new ways to connect with your potential customers and stand out from your competitors. What if there was a way to engage with your website visitors, keep them on your site and encourage their business?

For some years we have seen Live Chat plugins increase across website pages, and the result of this simple function is that businesses have seen their customer service levels improve and often sales enquiries spike. But not everyone has the ability or inclination to type out their messages and wait for a response. It would be so much easier to speak to a member of staff and, even better if they can call you back straight away.

Calldrive aim to bridge this gap and fulfill the need for a call back option on a website with their automated callback plugin. Offering your site visitors the ability to request a free call from your company and ask questions to your call handling agents. Calldrive is quick to install and improves the engagement with website visitors by up to 75%!

Call Now is quick to install and improves the engagement with website visitors by up to 75%!
Why is this set to make such a significant impact on businesses?

In a very similar fashion to a Live Chat plugin, the Calldrive plugin offers businesses a fast and efficient way to interact with their current or potential clients quickly and efficiently.  Within just 15 seconds, a website visitor can activate the plugin, fill in their phone number, click the Calldrive button and are then immediately connected to your sales team, customer services or whoever you assign the calls to – at no cost to your customer.

Calldrive have been working within telecommunications for over a decade; developing innovative, smart solutions to support customer service and enhance sales growth. Initial results from the Calldrive feature on a test website were astounding. By placing a small piece of code on the site and offering the visitor a FREE callback from an agent - the engagement levels from thousands of visitors rocketed – up to 75%.

The Calldrive plugin works by simply adding code from the online portal to your site and can be adapted to match your business brand. Once in place, the plugin is visible to your site visitor with the Calldrive button, where they can enter their landline or mobile phone number. The FREE call activates between call handling agents and the visitor before they leave your website, within 15 seconds!

Gain a more in-depth knowledge of data on your site visitors with advanced reporting and functionality within the online portal. Analyse call data and engagement from your website and listen back to recorded calls at the click of a button. Learn more about the Calldrive plugin and see it in action.

By Sam Diamond, December 2018

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